The Way Back Home

As a child, we come into this world full of bliss, trust and wonder. As adults we all experience moments where  everything seems perfect and beautiful and we feel at home in body, mind, and heart – in our Life We are joyful, open, spontaneous, loving, inspired and grateful. This is when we are deeply connected to our Being, our Essence,  we were born in this natural state.
But as we go through painful life experiences (conflicts, betrayal, separation, abuse, disappointment) a general mistrust starts to build inside us and our heart starts to close. We loose touch with our initial state of bliss. And maybe we don’t even notice the wall of resignation, fear, shock and shame that is here, shaping our daily experience.
Many of us are extremely busy in society’s functional roles, we can be successful in the world, have money, careers, spouses and children but deep inside there is a split – a disconnection from our True Self.  A separation between the functional Self (compensating) and the wounded Self (denied). 
Pain or numbness are a symptom of inner disconnection. As much as feeling resigned or continuously tired, living on autopilot mode without any sense of self or any purpose. Feeling stuck, defensive, isolated or having destructive habits (addictions to alcool, smoke, food, sex etc.). When the world looks like a dangerous jungle or when see other people as enemies, or when we feel deprived of love… these are all signs that we have lost our way home.
Where is the way back Home? It start with awareness. As Osho says, just having self-awareness is the key to inner transformation. So the first step is to become aware that our heart has closed. The moment we become aware that our mistrust, fear, shame or shock have taken over and are guiding our Life – and that we want to change this, then we have started to come back home.
When the pain of not changing becomes greater than the fear to create a change, then we are ready to start the journey. Of course it is not easy and it takes a conscious decision to look inside and take responsibility for what is not working in our Life. It is a big step to come out of the victim state of consciousness. Paradoxally, real change happens when we totally accept who we are, even if it is painful. And especially, inner change only happens we we stop trying to change the people around us.

There are five main areas of life where we want to be fullfilled. And it is our birth right to feel vibrantly alive in all these areas:

  • Love & Friendship
  • Health & Body
  • Work & Creativity        
  • Sexuality & Sensuality
  • Spirituality.
When one or more of these areas are stagnant or are not working,  we can take a honest look at our life.
I will guide you through your inner exploration. I do not have any quick fix but I can share what has been sustaining and inspiring me during the last 15 years of self-exploration (and this life- long journey is ongoing). Yoga and Ayurveda, Meditation, Therapy, Tantra.. I am lucky to have met some of the best teachers in the world and their wisdom is well alive deep in heart. So now it’s time to pass it on! Ultimately only you have the answers that you are looking for.  And I will acompany you to uncover this hidden treasure.
When we open heart to see the Truth beyond the stories we told ourselves again and again, then can feel that Existence loves us. May love guide us to fulfill our potential in this life, on this blue planet.