Who is Amrita

Born in Switzerland in a multi-cultural family, since 2009 I teach a Tantric approach of Yoga and Meditation in French, English and Italian to people from various cultures, generations and level of fitness. I am specialized in private classes and also teach group or corporate classe. As a certified Learning Love Therapist since 2013, I also offer individual counselling/coaching sessions on Skype. Life-long learning is one of my passions and I am currently completing an NLP Practicioner Diploma in Switzerland.

AmritaAuerMy classes and workshops combine various styles:

* Kundalini Vinyasa Flow: a creative sequence of yoga postures linked with various breathing techniques and movements, designed to activate prana (ou life force) and create a specific energetic effect (stimulating, soothing, focusing or balancing) on the body and mind. I give verbal cues to favour proper body alignment and ensure a safe practice for all.

* Yin Yoga: a slow-paced, inner focused class where  postures are held, mostly on the floor, for a longer time. We take the time to witness and allow our body sensations, thoughts and energy. This class helps to get a deeper sense of Self.

 * Yoga Nidra: An ancient tradition and systematic approach to guided relaxation where we reach a modified state of consciousness and attain deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

* (Osho) Active Meditations: To find our inner « yes » to life,  to ourselves and to others we use conscious movements such a dancing or shaking followed by a moment of stillness and watchfulness. We learn to disendentify from our « I » and to melt with something greter than us, called Existence, or God, or Love.

* Essence Work (also Skype session):  Inner exploration to identify, accept and integrate all the unconscious parts of ourselves. Not only our our shadow parts (eg. our fears, wounds) but also our essential qualities – love, creativity, playfulness, spontaneity). When we gain a better understanding of who we are, and deeply embrace our past and our roots, we can allow love to flow from within. Then we are ready to love others and be loved by them.  Self-love and intimacy come together.

* Intuitive Eating & Mindful Living (face-to face or Skype session): By listening to what our body really needs,  by becoming aware of what triggers reactions such as emotional eating or food addiction, by stepping away from diets imposed by the outer world and by welcoming our emotional world, we create a deeper connection to Self. Balance becomes possible for each one of us in terms of food choice, lifestyle, exercise, body care and self-love.  These sessions lead to the integration of  our body, mind, energy and heart.

My short story:
Yoga as a meditative pratice has been my main anchor in life, a truthful re-Source along the journey through childhood trauma, eating disorders, heartbreaks, setbacks, lack of direction, loss and confusion, human experiences which happen to all of us. I have learnt to be grateful for this too, as these challenges made me stronger and more compassionate.
Body-centered practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Workout help us surf the waves of life because they bring us here and now – which is always where to body actually is. Coming back to the Body brings a sense of aliveness and joy, no matter the circumstances. When the body, mind and soul are joined in conscious movement, we feel One, and this integration is what I love to share with you.
Since 2000 I had the privilege to learn and practice with gifted teachers: Crista Dubois, Jessica Magnin, Jean Lechim, Rod Stryker, Mark Holzman, Désirée Rumbaugh, Daniel Odier, Max Strom. In 2012 I became a disciple of Osho and started studying therapy with MD. Krishnananda and Amana Trobe. When I met Svagito Liebermeister in 2019, I realized that his Family Constellations Training brought the missing pieces I had been looking for all these years in my hunger for self-understanding. His work and guidance helped me renew my committment to self-awareness, love and meditation.
Part of my experiential journey also included living in Rome, in Melbourne,  volunteering at the Osho International Meditation Resort in India and at the Osho Humaniversity in the Netherlands. Geneva is my hometown and my base, and I will always be a traveller.