Who is Amrita



Hi! My name is Amrita, I am a Swiss certified NLP Coach, Insight Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, with 15 years’ experience working with people in three languages –  French, English, Italian. There are several approaches I offer depending on your situation, your needs and your beliefs system :

  • Spiritual and holistic approaches like Yoga, Meditation and Self-Alignment. As a certified Instructor since 2009 I teach Tantra Yoga and Meditation to people from all cultures, generations and conditions.
  • Sensory-based approaches with NLP, including hypnosis and/or Insight Coaching. NLP is the science of subjective experience and the modelling of excellence. Coaching is about Creating Yourself so that you can create your life.

My mission is to inspire, support and encourage other human beings on the path to creating an Extraordinary life – a life on your terms.

Our Body is the door to our natural aliveness, joy and energy. And when we feel alive, joyful and full of energy,  we can access our inner resources: intuition, wisdom, clarity, patience, trust, passion, compassion, love, gratitude, and so many more. Then life becomes extraordinary.

 A few words about my non linear journey:

I started with a Master in Laws and working in HR. And for the last 20 years I have learnt Yoga and Meditation with gifted teachers: Crista Dubois, Jessica Magnin, Jean Lechim, Rod Stryker, Mark Holzman, Désirée Rumbaugh, Daniel Odier, Max Strom, Tiffany Cruikshank and Kia Miller. Yoga made me understand and love my body (I had to learn it after years of modern jazz dance and contemporary dance). Travelling to India and discovering Amma and Sivananda’s ashram experiences, I entered the world of the mystic and Zen Master Osho whose teachings favour love, awareness, celebration and silence. The world of Osho is a huge family of joyful, heartful people all around the planet and I am grateful to be a ˋsannyasin. For three months I lived in the Osho International Meditation Resort in Puna, volunteering as a Yoga teacher and a Translator. Back in Europe, after completing an intensive therapist training with MD. Krishnananda and Amana Trobe from the Learning Love Institute in Sedona, I volunteered for a few months at Osho Humaniversity, an Institute for Therapy and Meditation in the Netherlands. During these years of exploration I also lived in Rome and in Melbourne, where I studied applied psychology at the Australian College for Applied Psychology. Positive psychology by Martin Seligmann was part of my additional readings, and during all these years yoga was part of my daily life. For seven years I alo explored Gabrielle Roth´s Five Rythms Dance and Open Floor, as dance is one of my passions. In 2019 I met Svagito Liebermeister, and I completed a Family Constellations Training, a deep and wonderful approach for self-understanding. Pulled by my passion for lifelong learning, I am completing an NLP Master Practitioner Diploma  with Trina Mohn and Quantum Healing II, an advanced form of NLP with Dick Harbers. My other mentor is Tony Robbins, the most amazing Coach in the world.

What is  NLP Coaching ?

*** NLP is the fastest way to live with joy and become more competent and flexible in any area of our choice. It is a powerful approach of human experience and communication based on the functioning of the brain. NLP is the study of subjective experience, of how we encode our experiences and program our mind, and how verbal and non verbal communication impacts our reality. It is a combination of powerful tools that expand your possibilities and horizons.

What are my styles of Yoga and Meditation?

*** Tantra Vinyasa Flow: a creative wave of yoga postures initiated by the breath, designed to activate prana, our life energy in specific ways. Classes can have a stimulating, soothing, focusing or balancing impact on the body and mind. Precise body alignment is taught to ensure a safe practice. Mudra, pranayama, and kriyas are used.

*** Yin Yoga: a slow, inner focus class where postures are held, mostly on the floor, for a longer time. A moment to witness and process. Slowing down to reset the nervous system.

*** Yoga Nidra: An ancient tradition and systematic approach to guided relaxation to reach a modified state of consciousness, connect with our unconscious mind and get deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

*** Meditation: Meditation brings up our « yes » to life as we connect to our Essence : joy, love, gratitude, compassion, relaxation and more. The forms of meditation can vary. It can either be one session sitting still, eyes closed. Or it can include a first part with (dancing or shaking) followed by second part of stillness and watchfulness. Meditation alows us to melt with something greater than us, wether we call it Existence, God, or Love.

I can see you either in person or on Zoom/ Skype.