Guiding you to the way back home

Existence loves you, otherwise you would not be here. Relax into your being, you are cherished by the whole. Osho
We all experience these moments of authenticity and deep inner connection where we are at home in our body, mind, emotions, energy and soul. In these moments we feel joyful, spontaneous, loving, loved, inspired and grateful. When we are at home we feel connected to our Essence and we feel blissful.
But this state of bliss can disappear and we can loose the way home and disconnect from ourselves. The first symptom of disconnection is pain or numbness. As if nothing made sense, we live on autopilot mode. We feel tired, our pespective is limited, we are defensive and stuck to destructive habits and make decisions based on fear.  The world looks like a dangerous jungle. Other people look like the enemy. We feel separated from the others and deprived of love.
Where is the way back Home? Osho says that awareness is the key, that self-awareness changes everything. So the first step is to realize that something is not working. The moment we become aware that an inner change is needed, we have started to come back home.
When the pain of not changing becomes bigger than the fear to create a change then we are ready to start the journey. It takes a conscious decision to look inside and take responsibility for what is not working in our Life. It is a big step to come out of the victim state of consciousness. Paradoxally, real change happens when we totally accept who we are, even if it is painful. And of course, inner change only happens we we stop trying to change the other people around us!

There are five main areas of life where we are all longing for fulfillment. We need to feel vibrantly alive and to express our aliveness in these areas:

  • Love, Family & Friendship
  • Health & Body
  • Work & Creativity        
  • Sexuality & Sensuality
  • Spirituality.
When one or more of these areas is stagnant or not working it might be time to take a honest look at our life.
I am your guide to your inner world, the facilitator of  your self-exploration and self-discovery process. You, and only you have the answers and solutions that you are looking for, and your inner truth is and always was in you, as the hidden treasure.
When we open our eyes and heart to see what is real beyond the stories we have told ourselves again ad again, then we can see that we are loved by Existence. And we can open to new and limitless possibilities.